Sunday, April 25, 2010

Having fun with a design contest.

I accidentally found that there was a design contest on the Kroger website so I used some of their tools and a picture of one of my clay frogs and made a cute little shopping bag.

If you'd like to vote for my bag, here's a link.. People can vote once a day.

You can even design your own shopping bag and have it printed at

Check back on Monday evening for a give-a-way that I'm going to be doing. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Product From Polyform

About a year ago someone from Polyform Products contacted me and asked me to make three Bobble head clay babies from a new product they were developing. I love being approached by them so I jumped on this assignment. Within 24 hours of accepting it, I received a box of their new clay, called Pluffy. They sent me about 5 different colors. Pluffy clay reminds me of marshmallows and after it bakes it is very light weight. It is geared towards children but I think it would work well on larger items. I used some of the left over clay to make some doll bodies. It worked out nicely.

Some negative reviews...The Pluffy clay did not seem to adhere to itself very well though. Parts of it seemed to dry out. I don't know if they've gotten all of the "bugs" out of it yet; however, it is reasonably priced and should be a hit.

I wasn't allowed to blog about this project or this clay until it was available. I discovered it at Michaels yesterday and almost bought the kit that I designed. However, I didn't have my coupon with me. It was priced at $9.99 and I'd rather not spend that much..:)

My compensation for doing this project was wonderful for doing about 4 hours of work. If I could do two projects a week and get paid for it, I would be well off! But, alas, that doesn't happen, so I'm grateful when it does. I just recently made some cute little clay babies for another project for them, but it hasn't gone retail yet.

Check out your Michaels new clay department. You will really be amazed at the different clays, tools, books, textures, etc. that you will find. And buy the Bobble Buddies!

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