About Me

I have been involved  with  art since I was 7 years old, taking classes at the Detroit Institute of Arts, where I learned collage, painting, drawing and mixed media.  My whole life I've taken classes, read about art, dabbled in different elements, but my most successful endeavors have been with polymer clay.  As you can see, my work tends to be on the whimsical side and there have been times where I've tried to fight the "cute" look, but now I embrace it.   I guess I can leave a little happiness along the way with my clay babies' sweet smiles and silly faces.

I am a student at Madonna University where I almost have my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.

  That's a journey I've been on for awhile and I'm eager to finish.  So, along with my clay, I do digital prints and posters and I also paint acrylic mixed media collage.  My main focus in on the clay, it's my business.  All other forms of art are for my enjoyment and sanity!

I do custom designs, especially cake toppers and ornaments, so contact me at garritygal@yahoo.com if you would like to order something.  

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and shop.

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