Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's new?

Well, I gave it a shot but I couldn't keep up with the photo of the day.  There were just some days that I couldn't get out to take a picture and there are only so many things I could find around the house to photograph.

I liked the idea, but who was I kidding?  It's hard for me to commit to anything.  I think it's the Attention Deficit, or the OCD, or my anxiety,   If you've been following me for any length of time, you are aware of my inability to focus, concentrate, follow through, etc.    I am not shy to talk about it either.  Plus, I'm feeling a little bit depressed and who feels like driving around to take pictures when you don't even feel like leaving the house?

One thing remains steady though and it's my art.  I can't let a day go by without working on some kind of project.  Yesterday I made some charms, a fairy poster, clay fairy houses, and valentine cards.  The cards are for my grand daughters, one who likes zebras and the other who loves my Purple Monkey books. 

I'm going to print out several of them and then the girls can cut them out
and pass them out to friends.  I have several DIY valentine's cards in
my Etsy shop.

I can personalize them with your child's name on the bottom of each card so all they have to do is cut them out and give them to their friends.

I don't even know if anyone was following my photo of the day challenge
and if anyone was, I apologize.  But, since no one ever left a comment I don't think anyone is disappointed and if you are following this blog, I bet it's to see clay!  Right?

I'm going to do a garden show in March.  I'm making miniature fairy furniture and fairies and posters.  It should be fun and hopefully, I can make some money.  Here is one of my fairy furniture sets.  It's a couch, two chairs and a table,  all made from clay in my favorite color combination.

I also am going to do a tutorial this week for you..something for St. Patty's day so stay tuned!

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