Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shadow boxes and Halloween Potions

A few weeks ago my friend, Mary Ann and I had a little art weekend. We each made a Halloween Shadow box. We found these two boxes at a resale shop.

My shadow box is to the left and Mary Ann's is to the right.

I saw the idea to make a Halloween shadow box in a magazine and loved the idea. So for the past few months the two of us have been gathering Halloween items from around our homes.

I made clay pumpkins and grave markers and Mary Ann found some skeletons and skulls at the dollar store. We began by painting the interior of our boxes and once they were dry, we began gluing our "spooky finds" to the shelves. Mary Ann's method of designing her shadow box was much more organized than mine. She sketched out her idea beforehand. I just jumped right in and started building the idea. In the end, I think we each designed some wonderfully scary shadow boxes.

I especially love the blue theme of her project.

This is my shadow box. It is not finished yet and I've added a few more details. This gives you a pretty good idea though. When it is complete, I will post pictures. I thought it might inspire you to make your own.

I also thought it would be fun to make labels for jars and bottles. Feel free to print out these labels below. Reduce them if you need them smaller. If you are having a party, you can cut these out and attach to beverage bottles. Glue them to your kid's snacks in their lunch box. There are lots of ideas and I plan on making more and posting them here.

Have fun!

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