Saturday, July 26, 2008


I don't know if I'm crazy or bored or jealous, but I just printed out ebay feedback for two polymer clay artists. I added up the amount of sales they had to inspire myself. One girl's sales figure was $2600 for the month of July (and it's not even over yet.) The other's was around $700 for one account and $1600 for another. This is pretty inspiring to me and I think to myself, if they can do it, so can I.

Sometimes I think I waste time looking at other people's work, and that I should just be focusing on my own art. But I can't help it. I want to know what other artists are creating and what the public is buying. I wonder, if you are an artist, are you checking up on your competition?

It's not about copying. I wouldn't do that, at least not intentionally. I have so many of my own ideas, I don't need to copy. But, I wonder if my ideas are any good. I try to keep up with trends, as I think most people do.

It's funny because I really admire a fellow class mate's talent. Her name is Jill and she makes graphics and sells buttons. (Here's her blog...
I was telling my friend, Mary Ann, about Jill's work and how her designs are so "today". Jill really seems to have a style that is unique, yet current. My style is very whimsical and silly and I wonder if it is old and out of fashion. Mary Ann told me to stay true to myself (in the midst of my re-inventing). Later on, after Jill visited my website, she mentioned to me how cute my clay is. She showed my site to her co-workers and they loved my pigs and monkeys. Sometimes when we doubt ourselves, it's nice to be complemented by our peers.

What's new?

I've been listening to motivational tapes and time management tapes daily as I create my clay babies. I decided to "kick it up" a notch and add more details and whimsy to my designs.

Right now I'm working on an art doll witch along with little minis and lots of Halloween.

I'm still working on making a decent video tutorial. I do have a tripod as someone suggested so I think I'll try again Sunday.

Thanks for visiting!


JNHK said...

Debbie, your work is great and you have a style all your own! I am inspired that you are inspired by me! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. Keep creating. You are more than artistic... you are SMARTISTIC!

tooaquarius said...

I have absolutely gone and tallied up the sales for the top sellers in categories I sell in on Etsy (or Ebay, previously). More for a market research than incentive thing - what do they list, when, how much do their best sellers go for and so on.

Sometimes it's easier to be motivated and productive when you have numbers to meet in front of you. Fear of the Completely Unknown is brutal by comparison.

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