Monday, July 28, 2008

Polymer Clay on Sale

If you've always wanted to try Polymer clay, now is the time. It's on sale at Michaels Crafts. Premo, sculpey and I believe, fimo are all on sale for $1.00 a package. Premo normally runs around $2.59 or more, so this is the time to stock up. I used to go to a wholesaler and buy $200.00 worth at a time, but in the last few years Michaels has been running these incredible sales. Sometimes the clay is $.99, sometimes, $.89. I personally will load up on as much as I can afford right now.

In 1982, I was at a craft show and saw someone who made things from white polymer clay. I was very interested in it and she was wonderful to tell me the name of it. I then did some research, got a sales tax number and sent away for a big box of clay. I think I got 8 each of 12 colors. I don't think I moved away from the table for days (just enough to take care of the family) . Later on, in 1987, I opened a small shop and sold crafts and packages of clay. My customers used to wait for the UPS man to deliver it. Then they would wipe out the order in minutes. The availability of polymer clay sure has come a long way since then.

While you are buying some for yourself, I suggest getting some for the kids in your family. They can make Halloween and Christmas ornaments, their own designer beads, clay tiles to use in mosaics, book markers, jewelry and more. They can even make game pieces (every house in
America probably has a game with pieces missing). (You would think that I'm a spokeswoman for the clay industry....I'm not, I just love it so much!)

Happy Claying!


Ginger said...

Your figures are adorable, they are very cheerful.
I am a clayaholic too and I am always amazed at how we can all take the same material and come up with totally different results.
I would love to link to your blog from mine if that is ok with you.

PolymerClayTutor said...

I love hearing that story! Back then everyone called any kind of polymer clay 'Fimo', didn't they!

Got 100 blocks at the last .99 cent sale myself. Nothing left in the store! ~Cindy Lietz

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