Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fatty Fairies

started making a line of fairies called "Fatty Fairies". My friend Mary Ann and I were trying to design things a few years ago and actually thought up this poem at that time..."Fatty Fairies...We're too fat to fly, so we don't even try!"

They are just roly poly round fairies with shimmering wings. Cute and whimsical, they are very affordable. At this point in tim
e, I'm charging $8.00 for each one. I made a few for my granddaughter's room.
I've attached a hook and some strong fishing line so they can be hung from the ceiling. Very cute.

This is a Fatty Fairy holding a
cupcake and a heart.
I can personalize the heart.

Patriotic Fatty Fairy holds stars
and comes with a flag.

Fatty Pumpkin Fairy holds a big pumpkin and is in multi-colored autumn colors of clay that are swirled. I love the material that I'm using to make the wings.
I've started selling these on my website and ebay. I'm also going to be doing a few craft shows this fall and will try them out there.

Craft shows

Speaking of craft shows, it's been a few years since I've really been involved in the craft show circuit. I used to do them every weekend, but over the years, they seemed to be less of a money maker, and more of an expense. I decided after a really tough craft show year about 4 years ago, to just give it up. I gave away all of my displays and made my friend Mary Ann promise that she wouldn't let me do another one.

Well, I've been missing the interaction I've experienced when I've done shows. I miss greeting the customers, watching them laugh and make "oh, how cute" comments. I miss the friendly chit chat while wrapping their purchases. I miss that cash! :)

So, I'm going to do a few shows and see how it feels. I lucked out and found brand new fireplace screens at K-Mart. They were marked down to $2.50, originally priced at $29.00. I can hang my clay babies from the screens. It's not the greatest idea, but it will serve my purpose. Most of my holiday items hang anyway, so the screens should work nicely, and the items can be seen easily.

I doubt if I'll ever step back into shows like I used to do. I'm older now and my knees hurt all of the time. It takes a lot of stamina to do shows, and I've lost some of that. But, if I do a few a year, it will satisfy my "craving".

I would love to hear comments from other crafters out there. Are you still doing shows? How are you doing out there? Thanks in advance!

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