Thursday, August 21, 2008


Periodically, my work gets published. I've been in 4 magazines and the Sculpey Website. Here are my latest two designs. This is a Christmas Monkey Picture holder. I believe they want these designs for children to make. It's fairly easy and the colors can be changed making it a spring monkey, Halloween monkey, etc. The second design is a cupcake bracelet. Once again, it's an easier project geared for children. I'm going to make these for my upcoming craft shows. I thought they would be great as Halloween and Christmas. I like making these because they are just beads that get strung on elastic. The ends are tied, and it's ready to wear. If I could get something published two times a month, the fee would pay my rent. I really need to be more pro-active and send out designs to magazines and websites. One magazine is already working on next year's Halloween ideas, so I'm getting ready to send off a couple of designs to them.

Craft shows...

So far, I'm going to be doing 4 craft shows for sure, another one I'm waiting to hear if I got into it or not, and one more th
at I'm debating on.

My shows are.........

South Lyon Pumpkin Fest, South Lyon
St. Paul's Fall Fest, Trenton
Franklin High School, Livonia
St. Thomas Becket, Canton

The show I really want to get into is Eisenhower school in She
lby Township. I've sent my check and pictures, just waiting to hear.

Another show I'm debating
on is a small $20 show in Macomb. It's at a farm/flower nursery. Might be worth the trip as they sent out 9000 flyers and are advertising in the Free Press and Detroit News. There was an article written about it on line. I might give it a try.

Today I'm going to be working on lots of Halloween Clay Babies. Here's are some examples of what I'll be making today!

Ghost/tombstone Fatty Pumpkin Fairy

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