Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kiss my camera goodbye..

How can an artist update her blog and her website, send pictures to customers and document her artwork without a camera?

That's the problem I've had for the past week. My fugi fine pix finally died and so I ordered a new camera from Overstock.com. Actually, I ordered a refurbished camera. My first Fugi was refurbished and worked well for 5 years, so I figured I would try again. After inserting two AA batteries into the new fugi, I took 5 pictures (which filled the card...:( )..I do have a much better card to insert in the future. When I tried to upload to the computer, the connector for the USB was defective. Now I have to wait till they send me a new camera. I'll send the other one back as soon as I get my car back from the shop..(it never ends..)

So, until I get my new camera, I won't be displaying any new photos.

For entertainment purposes, here's a nasty old witch I made awhile back. Hope she doesn't scare anyone.

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