Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful Blogs

I purchased the magazine "Artful Blogging" yesterday and was inspired and awed by the many wonderful blogs that they featured. I thought it would be nice to actually visit them online, so, with the magazine by my side, I typed in the addresses of some of the more interesting blogs and thought I would feature them here.

Sweet Eye Candy Creations
is filled with retro and shabby chic artwork, fu fu designs and lovely photographs. I like the way the artist, Jennifer Hayslip, uses old cards, feathers and flowers to embellish her work. I love vintage graphics and she incorporates them nicely into her creations.

Tangled Sky Studio is also featured in the magazine. The artist combines paint and wax to make interesting, whimsical artwork. Her blog features works in progress.

I really like the art work of Jennifer Maroney . She does a lot of doodling and journaling, her style is colorful and fun, full of hearts, swirls, flowers and stars.

A Fanciful Twist is a blog written by Vanessa Valencia. This artist expresses herself through mixed media, art dolls, paper dresses, jewelry and illustrations. I like this because I've been told that I sometimes am chasing too many rabbits, because I have so many art forms I'm interested in. Sometimes I feel like I should put it all away and concentrate on one form, but after visiting A Fanciful Twist that's not going to happen! After you visit Vanessa's website, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

If you like retro, vintage and shabby chic, you will love Cherry's Jubilee at blogspot. Here is another artist who uses old cards, books, ribbons and buttons to make interesting home decor. I especially love her photographs (Look for the picture of the two suitcases). Here's a link to her Cherry's etsy shop.

Artful Blogging features many more wonderful blogs; the above are just a few of my favorites. Once again, it is so inspiring to see what other bloggers are writing about. I love the peacefulness or whimsy of these blogs. There are no harsh words or angry rants, but a beautiful look at the simple things that inspire the artists and their work.

It makes me want to be a better artist, blogger, photographer and writer.

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