Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kindred Art Spirits

Mary Ann and I

On Thursday I met my friend Mary Ann at her house, loaded up her car with paints and canvas, watched her hug her husband goodbye and the two of us headed up north to her cottage in the center of Michigan where we brainstormed, painted, read, ate, laughed and shopped. It was exactly what I needed to refresh myself before the busiest time of year starts for me.

I'll be going back to my before and after school program and classes will be starting soon. With fall comes more orders and more opportunities to sell. I returned from my trip with 25 painted canvases and a lot more ideas.

I have to admit I did not take any clay with me and there were times when I wished I would have, but I really wanted to do collage while I was away, so I left the clay behind. However, I'm planning on embellishing some of the canvases with clay pieces; I'm just not sure with what yet.

Here are some pictures of my trip..
This is the beginning stages of an altered collaged book

I will put clay on this

Brand new canvas waiting to be painted

Painted canvases dry on newspapers

Big kitchen table to work at

Even though this was a clear night
the weather was cool and rainy.

We drove through the countryside so I could take pictures

We found time to cook!

The beginning of a collage

After spending the weekend in a frenzied art-a-thon we vowed that we would get together more often during the year to inspire and motivate each other to paint and create. We really work well together, bouncing ideas off of each other, instructing one another in different techniques and challenging each other to explore art further than we ever have.

I admire Mary Ann's quiet determination as she puts together her art, patiently taking hours to complete one canvas. Each step she takes is deliberate and thought out. Mary Ann loves my free spirited approach to making a collage or painting a canvas. My brush flits and swirls across the canvas as I quickly fill the white spaces with rainbows of colors.

Mary Ann and I wish we could have a studio where we could meet each day, to paint and laugh, to listen to Enya and Coldplay and to drink hot tea in English tea cups. Until then though, I'm going to try hard to keep making art in my own little world, cause that's when I'm happiest and feel complete.

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