Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun in Photoshop

When I went on my vacation I had fun collecting rocks on the beach of Lake Michigan. This is one of my favorite past times. I had an idea to do the alphabet in rocks, so I picked out the prettiest stones and started photographing them, A through Z.

I thought to myself, you never know when you might need a letter made out of stones.

It seems silly, but it's better for me to play on the beach than just lay there, so I find things to do!

Today I decided to put together my name with some of the pictures.

Here's my name in the natural look of the alphabet stones.

Here's my name when I changed the color in photoshop.

Here it is with several filters.

Finally, here it is made into a pattern.

It's nothing that spectacular, just an exercise in creativity. I never know where these little exercises might take me. But it's a great way to explore and be inspired!

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