Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer's in full swing!

Another beautiful evening.

It's always fun to get away, get inspired and get refreshed. That's what I did last week for 4 days. I went up to my friend's cabin to relax and do art. The cabin is on Diamond Lake and during the week it is quiet and void of people.

It was rare to see a boat go by or to even hear a car door slam. It's not that I dislike people, but the peace, quiet and tranquility were exactly what I needed. There is something so beautiful about the cry of a loon off in the distance or the sound of water lapping against the wooden pilings.

There were three of us at the cabin and when we weren't swimming or painting, we were eating or lounging. It was a great get away!

I enhanced this picture in photoshop. I was going for a retro look. I like it!

These are oils. I left them there to dry because I'm not finished with them. I'll be going
back after labor day to do more art!

I'm getting ready to have another give away. It will be a Halloween clay baby. So check back soon for that announcement.

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