Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mixed Media Collage tutorial

Have you ever started a painting just to realize half way through that it isn't going in the direction that you wanted it to go. I think it happens to us all. Or have you ever found an old painting at a garage sale or in the basement where the subject matter isn't that great but the canvas is pretty nice?

Well, if that's the case, you will love this little tutorial on what to do to reuse those canvases and create an interesting collage.

You'll need an old paint brush, some decoupage, the canvas, and papers.

The first step is to cover the canvas in a generous amount of decoupage. Use your fingers or an old brush and cover it completely.
Next, tear up old newspapers, tissue papers, pages from books and recycled papers and start to arrange them on the canvas. I let this step dry and then I come back and cover the papers in another coat of decoupage. After both of those steps are thoroughly dry you can sand down some of the rougher spots. It's not necessary, just a choice as collage and mixed media need that texture.

Your canvas is ready to paint.
I use brushes and my fingers to apply an array of colors. If you wold like some of the papers underneath to show up, just put a light coat of paint around the edges, smear a little across. Have fun and don't worry about the outcome! I even added glitter to this collage. I always paint the sides of the canvas. Now it's ready to hang.

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Art Expression said...

Cute idea....I love that = )

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