Friday, December 28, 2012

Know anyone who's getting married?


I love looking forward to the new year.  Its time for me to work on new ideas and start out fresh!

I made a LOT of Christmas ornaments this season and , truthfully, I'll be happy to start back with my cake toppers.

So, if you know of any one who is getting married or having an anniversary party, birthday party, or celebration, please send them here.  

If you refer someone, and they purchase a cake topper, I will let you chose something from my "Gift Referral Page".  Most of those items are $10 to $12 in value.  Just my way of thanking you for helping me out.

For more information, go to my "Gift Referral Page."
 This couple loves to camp in the desert!
 I love bunting!

This couple is enjoying a day at the beach.  Who says the bride and groom have to be dressed in wedding attire?!

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