Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working on my fourth book

This year was very exciting for me because I wrote and illustrated three children's books.  I spoke about them a few posts ago, but to review, they are,,,"I saw a purple monkey" "The Shell Lady of Cecil Bay" and "The Spooky ABCs of Halloween."

All of these books can be found on  Here's a link that will send you to all three..

One of my teacher friends really loved the purple monkey book and suggested I start a series.  She enjoyed my subtle teaching of the proper use of see, saw and have seen and all of the colors of the rainbow.  Her idea was to continue writing about the adventures of the Purple Monkey incorporating grammar lessons into the story.

I liked that idea and have been working for the past few months on "You're Naughty, Purple Monkey."  My deadline is November 30, 2012.  I want it to be available for Christmas shopping.  It's the story of the purple monkey and teaches, once again, subtly, the correct use of Your and You're and the days of the week.

I've done all of the illustrations in an Eric Carle style of collage.  I designed all of the paper and use them in the illustrations.  I think my books have a unified look and I enjoy illustrating them in this way.  I'll keep you updated on the publication date and in the meantime here are some sneak preview images of the book.

  The illustrations won't have my watermark on it and will have text of the story.

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