Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Deadman's Hill

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep my customers informed as to what I was doing
with my clay. You know, up close and personal. Like watching me over my shoulder to see how I'm making my latest creations.

I would also like to occasionally mention my attempt at exercising and losing weight. Maybe this blog will hold me to a hig
her standard and I might get something accomplished.

Anyway, a few years ago I discovered that I enjoyed walking up a hill near my home. Called garbage hill, or deadman's hill (nice,huh), it is a landfill in Hines Park. There are three sides with steps and during the winter people sled there. I started walking on it in 2005 and lost about 50 pounds. Nice....

But, I've gained about 25 back over the past year or so and want to get back on the right track, so I've started walking on that hill again. I figure I can walk on it as long as the weather is above 35 to 40 degrees and not too
slippery. I walked up the hill today 4 times and although I feel good afterwards, I'm a little tired now.

Here are some pictures of the hill from the bottom, middle and top. There are about 140 steps on each side, and I take it slow. The more I walk it though, the faster I will be able to go. Anyway, wish me luck!

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