Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The new clay..

I contacted Sculpey to see if it was ok to show a picture of the clay and to discuss it. They assured me it was ok, so here's a picture of the clay.

While I'm in Chicago, I will have the opportunity to make money and train at the same time. Sculpey will be launching a new website just for Studio clay and they will need projects and pictures of clay. So, I think during training we will be asked to come up with our best designs. They pay $175 for one design, so if I can make two really nice ones, that will pay for my hotel room (not right away,,but eventually).

Tonight I'm going to play with this new clay, I heard it has a suede like finish. I'll be back to talk about it later!

1 comment:

Wes Warren said...

Hi there, Debbie!

Great articles! My reward for figuring out Google Alerts(ie://polymer clay, of course)!!

Hey, was there any word as to whether Polyform's new Studio Clay is formulated without phthalates?

Keep writing, eh? Maybe I'll learn by example!


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