Monday, October 22, 2007

Yanni? Enya? What's happening here????

If anyone knows me well, they know what kind of music I like. My favorite band is The Cure, and along with that, I love 80's English Alternative (The Smiths, Elvis Costello, New Order, etc.), 90's alternative, (Greenday, Pearl Jam, and Offspring) funk and today's alternative (Coldplay, Guster, Gomez, etc). My secret shame is Kid Rock. So, how did I find myself listening to Yanni and Enya on the train? This was music I made fun of. I never met anyone who even listened to this kind of music. However, I had made a tape of rain to listen to on the train, something to relax to and I accidentally taped Yanni and Enya. Maybe in a different situation I would have yanked my headphones off in horror as the first chords of music hit my ears, but, traveling backwards on the train, looking out the window at backyards and fields, the sound emulating from the CD player was kind of nice. Really nice actually. The beautiful chords, melodic and soothing, were like a movie sound track of those moments for me on the train. I saw wild turkeys feeding in corn fields, kayaks maneuvering along winding rivers, and geese flying against cerulean blue skies. The fall colors of reds and oranges dotted the countryside. The whole experience was very moving and left me in a state of complete peace.

Peace that was short lived. Once the train arrived at Union Station, so did a new level of stress.
Union Station In Chicago

Once I got into Union station I lugged my bags up to the main floor. I stood there for a few moments trying to figure out where the atm machine was. When I noticed that it was back down on the basement floor I decided to worry about getting cash later. I wasn't about to go down the stairs with my two pieces of luggage. So, I stepped outside.

There were busses and taxi cabs everywhere. People were hurrying everywhere, so I tucked myself and my luggage close to a wall and contemplated my next move. I heard a voice say, "taxi" and I walked over to a guy who looked like he might help me. I found out he wasn't a driver, but he hustled people towards the taxis and helped them get their luggage into the cabs. When I told him where I was headed, O'Hare Airport, he told me the cab ride would be expensive, that I should take the subway.
That had been one of my opinions upon arrival, so I took his advice. Next thing I knew we were walking down the street together, he dragging my luggage, and me on guard. He told me he lived in a hotel and tried to earn money to pay $40 a day to live there. I didn't care if he lived in a garbage can, a hotel or a mansion; I was happy to have the help, yet very cautious, this guy could mug me at any minute. We had to walk about four blocks and as we crossed each street I kept my eyes on the signs. We were headed to the blue line and that was good.

This man carried my luggage down the stairs and helped me get my ticket for the subway. In turn I gave him $15.00. Maybe I'm a sucker, but it was worth it I was shaking and breathless and he was a godsend. I hope he enjoyed that $15.00, cause he earned it.


Kathy said...

Yanni has joined forces with the Oscar/Grammy winning producer, Ric Wake, to create new music and discover extraordinary vocal artists!  Yanni and Ric's goal is to collaborate with prodigy singers/songwriters and put them in the most creative environment possible to reach their full potential.  The two have settled into "Camp Yanni" in South Florida, immersing themselves in the studio producing new music...over 80 new compositions to date!
Visit and re-register for Yanni’s Fan Club.  This an exciting new direction and you won’t want to miss a thing!!!!

Check out Yanni's new Music!

Kathy-Yanni Street Team

Elizabeth K said...

Hi Garritygal. I'm a fan of quite a few of your faves as well but haven't quite found the niche in my head yet for Kid Rock. :) You mentioned Yanni and Enya and that really caught my eye. Yanni has been one of my favorite composers for years. He's announced he's taking his music to a different level with vocals and what not. Anyway he's doing some really interesting stuff and you can get a better idea by checking out the video he released yesterday at
Thanks for the Central Union chuckle. I hope to make it to NY someday and take in all the sites.

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