Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christmas In July Giveaway

As promised, here's my Christmas in July giveaway. (One doll is Christmas themed, the other two are not..but, can be used as "Christmas" it's all good!)

I've made three different dolls and the winner gets to pick the doll of their choice.

The rules are simple.
  • Leave a comment. For each comment you leave, you'll get a chance in the drawing.
  • Become a follower and tell me about it and you'll get 5 chances in the drawing.
  • Post this drawing on your blog with a picture and you'll get 10 chances in the drawing.
  • Contest is open to anyone, anywhere. (Yes, any country.)

Each doll is signed and dated. They are approx. 4 inches tall. They are made from polymer clay and their hair is yarn. I've used buttons and fabric to embellish them. I think they turned out pretty cute! I've antiqued them to give them that prim look.

Pink Polly

Americana Annie

Ginger Belle

This contest will end on July 11. Have fun!

(If you are unable to leave a comment, please contact me at and I'll leave it for you, in your name.)


Anonymous said...

What a cute doll! And I adore pink. I've been following your blog for a while, I'm just not signed up so I will do so. Sorry no blog of my own or web page. Silly me. Love your work.



Anonymous said...

side note from Mousefingers. I just signed up to follow your Blog, but I'm signed up under TheJewelryTinker. Confused? I am and I can't change it without killing my empty Etsy site. What good is an empty Etsy site? None, but if you read my profile I explain my situation there. I'm just now starting to bounce out of it.


Pam aka Mousefingers aka TheJewelryTinker

terriermama said...

Oh they are so cute!! I collect Annies and one would be perfect on my Annie tree.

Anonymous said...

Deb, I doubt this will "fly" since blogspot never lets me leave comments for some reason... but I love the dolls, they are very cute!

Kathy said...

ohhhhhhhh they are soooooo cute!! I have an Americana LR so that one would be perfect there..oh wait id be grateful with know i have an annie tree..etc LOL!! hope im lucky! THANK YOU for sharing your talents with us!!

garritygal said...

Cindy from the gathering room can't leave a comment, so I'm leaving one for her..

Valerie said...

Hi Garritygal! WOw! What a fun giveaway! I love the dolls, esp Americana Annie. I've blogged about your giveaway on my blog and am definitely following you...

Can't wait for the draw. :) V

Judy said...

Your work is WONDERFUL!!! How very nice of you to have a giveaway for one of your dolls! Thank-you!!! I'm a follower now!
Many Blessings~Judy

Melissa W. said...

These are absolutely adorable, as are some of the other works of art on your page!

singtatter said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Love Ginger Belle the best!

Toni said...

Love your dolls!! Gorgeous faces and the attention to detail is incredible. I enjoy reading your blog!! Toni

garritygal said...

i have been a fan of debbie for years. i found her clay babies, before she had her own account with ebay, and was only doing it for some fun to see how it would go. well i was hooked on her babies from the beginning, i have many,many babies in my curio, i tell people all about this very ... Read Moretalented lady in michigan, that became a friend of mine online. i love all her pieces and she will make you special ones if you ask her and you;ll never be disappointed in what you recieve. my very favorite is my angel dog which she made for me after i had to put my rotti summer girl down. when i look at all of my clay babies, they make me happy. thank you debbie for being you and for your talent. many more years and blessing to you your online friend nancy (posted by Debbie since Nancy couldn't post)

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