Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Winner is!!!

After allocating numbers to everyone (depending on whether or not you added a comment, blogged about me, or became a follower), I put the widget on my page.

The numbers are as follows...

1-17 squirrel hill
18-23 mousefingers
24 anonymous
25 Kathy
26 Cindy gathering room
27-42 Valerie
43-48 Judy
49 Melissa
50 Singtatter
51-55 Cindy from gathering room again
56 Toni
57-72 Nancy

As you can see from the picture, number 69 is the winner. That's Nancy!

Nancy needs to contact me and pick a doll that she likes. Then I need her address.

I wish everyone could win. I will be having another contest in August. So check back often.

1 comment:

Cindy B said...

congratulatiosn to Nancy! and thank you for the contest...always fun to see these come up!

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