Friday, July 3, 2009

Life Crisis Update!!

I'm so excited to tell you all that my first voice lesson starts next Friday. The instructor has been a professional singer for 40 years and she's as excited as I am. I don't know how long I'll need lessons. I guess just enough to get the nerve to sing in front of adults. She told me this is a start to a whole new exciting time in my life. She sings in a Christian rock band and has all kinds of equipment. If I really enjoy this, I'm going to have to make more clay to pay for extended lessons!

I've also planned to meet with the Royal Oak photography club on Sunday (which kills two birds with one stone,,photography and Sunday plans)..This club is supposed to meet at a coffee shop then drive out to the Heidelberg project, a colorful street in Detroit that is a big community art center. The artist who started it all is Tyree Guyton. Somewhere around my house I have a picture of the artist and myself. I'm going to try and dig it up, maybe he will autograph it for me.

(Now I think I'll go hammer some tacks in my tennis shoes and dance around the living room!)

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