Monday, June 28, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

I'm writing this post from up in Traverse City, where I'll be for a few more days with my sister.

We are staying in a beautiful new hotel called Cambria Suites. We've only been here two days and all ready we have gone to the casino, hiked,seen a coyote and an eagle, eaten in three different restaurants, shopped, eaten fudge and ice cream, played on the beach (going swimming tomorrow), found petosky stones, watched a couple sunsets, taken hundreds of pictures, had a picnic in the wilderness and worked out in the gym.

The cherry festival is a week away and visitors have started to roll into town, making the main drag a little crowded. But, my sister and I love the woods so much, that we left this morning at 10 am to go exploring and didn't get back into town till after 7 pm. It was perfect planning on her part to get out of town before the big festivities begin. I don't enjoy big crowds any more; wandering around the woods or beach combing is more interesting to me now.

Tomorrow we are going to mission point light house and are going to do some wine tasting. I'm hoping the weather will warm up a tad, so that I can go swimming. It was 62 degrees today and very windy.

I've wandered around a few stores and have gotten motivated by some of the artwork I've seen. This is a good reason to get away, I get rejuvenated! This area of Michigan is full of art galleries and my sister and I are planning to visit a few within the next few days.
When I get back to home and work, I'll be posting pictures of my trip, working on some new projects and picking the winner of my giveaway! Stay tuned.

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