Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fatty Fairies have arrived

For several years I've had this idea to make a series of fatty fairies.

I was brain storming with a friend once and told her about the fairies. I said, "Fatty Fairies, we're too fat to fly." Without a beat she said, "so we don't even try!" I loved it!

I have a friend named Lori who makes the cutest fairies and after talking with her the other day, she got me so inspired to continue on with this idea, that I made three fatty fairies. She gave me some great tips about marketing and displaying the fairies and even some inside secrets of her own. This was great, as many artists don't share their ideas too easily.

Here are two of the fairies I made. I'll be posting these on ebay tomorrow.

I have a lot of ideas for fatty fairies (I never lack for ideas, that's for sure.) As excited as I am to start this new line, I'm still doing animal toppers and lots of Christmas ornaments and Halloween characters. The holiday season is just around the corner and I've been busy creating lots of fun, cute and unique polymer clay ornaments and dolls. Stay tuned!

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