Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Shadow Box Cupboard

I like to wander around resale shops hoping that I'll find something wonderful. Just the other day I found some great items. I got a brand new Scrabble game,

a brand new cat/pumpkin face that I can plug in, two bags of Halloween stuffed animals (? I don't know why I bought them, but I'm going to donate them to an auction), and a little cupboard. The cupboard was white with purple flowers painted on it, but I knew that the flowers wouldn't do, because I had plans for this cupboard.

I painted it a rusty color, printed out some retro images that I enhanced in Photoshop, made some cute Halloween clay babies and started to decorate my find. It's so much fun to decorate these boxes, especially now that I have a color laser printer. I can create images right at my fingerprints.

Of course, with my clay I can create little characters and props. For this box, I made ghosts, pumpkins, a cup, cookies on a plate and some books. I use super glue and hot glue to attach everything. It took me about three hours from beginning to end to complete this project and now it's for sale on etsy.How about you? Any great finds lately?

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