Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eight more days till Halloween

I just love to make Halloween Clay Babies. They are cute and colorful. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and if I ever get married again,,(I doubt,,) I would like to have a Halloween Themed wedding. But, until that happens, I'll enjoy the holiday just as it is.

Here is a Halloween set I made for a customer. She bought a tree and wanted to decorate it with my little clay babies. She just got the set last week and she's already ordered a Thanksgiving set which I'm shipping out tomorrow.

The picture below is a scene I made for a contest at Polyform Products. I think you can win metallic powders or something like that. I've already sold this at a show. The customer squealed when she saw it!

I am on a kick making monkeys. These Halloween monkeys are too cute! Now I've started to make Christmas monkeys. There is something so adorable about monkeys,,whether it's clip art, or clay or cartoons.

Although I enjoy making Halloween clay babies, it's time to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those holidays will be here before you know it!

For a preview of some of my Christmas ornaments, here's a link to my etsy store where I'm slowly filling it with Christmas Clay Babies.

Watch for my tutorial for a Thanksgiving cornucopia next week!

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