Monday, October 31, 2011

It's about time for a contest

I haven't had a contest in awhile so here goes!!

You can win this little Christmas Elf, however, the contest won't end until I have at least 10 comments on this posting. I would like to know why you read my blog? Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads it and when I'm feeling truly alone out here, I want to just stop with the blog. But, if I knew that at least 10 of you were reading it, I would have some hope!

Naturally you can only post one time. So, tell your friends and share this blog. As soon as I get ten comments,,the contest is over and I'll pick a winner.

Remember, your comment should be about why you read my blog!

If you are reading this now,,Thanks!

PS...send me an email at with "can't comment" if you are unable to comment here. Good luck!


Do Be Do Bead Do said...

Hi Debbie. What a cute little elf! I read your blog because I am also a clayer and love to see what others are doing. Plus, your designs just make me smile!

Deb said...

Joe Kelley I love all of your clay figures you make. I'm so happy that you customize each order for me and anyone else. I really thought the figure on 10-23 blog post was creative and unique, just like you.
To all Debbie's friends.... Order a clay figure from her and get one for yourself and get one to give to a family member, co-worker, child's teacher... Anyone. It's a great way to put a smile on someone else's face along with your own when you see how happy the clay figure makes the person feel. !!!
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Tammi Lasky I love everything you do!!!!! I have been your biggest fan since you did the wizard of oz clay babies!!!!
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Marge Theis I think I have been your number one fan also. You do good work and I love everyone of your clay babies. Looking forward to Dec. 3 at HVL. I will spend my money then. (:))
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Jenifer Courlas Deb, you are such a inspiration to me, you have been since I met you when Devyn was little! not only a great inspiration, but a wonderful friend. I will say this, and not only for your contest,lol. You are an amazing person with such a wonderful gift of art. AND i still wanna get with you soon to buy those angels for my mom :) ♥ ya woman!
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Kendra Polack Meg is your biggest fan! She absolutely adores her Ms. Debbie.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I have not been around to visit more recently. I have had computer problems for a very long time and in October it decided to die on me.
I love seeing what people do with clay and your figures are among the most adorable.
I hope someday I find more time to work with clay on a regular basis.

sandyandcosmo said...

I just discovered your blog and I love seeing what you are able to do with polymer clay. I also enjoyed your posts on vintage Halloween postcards and the Halloween banner.

Sarah said...

I read your blog because I love your little figures. I've always been interested in learning to use polymer clay, and when I see artists like you work and make beautiful things, it gives me hope that I could make nice things too! Your figures are just precious. I've never been able to make living forms with clay and every time I see yours, I wish I could!


Anonymous said...

hi deb. this is my first time checking out your blog,
seen the link on 1 of your facebook photos. so came to check it out.
im so coming back to check your blog's when im online.
love it and your little figures are so cute.

Tammy :)

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