Friday, October 28, 2011

Branding my business

I've been going to Madonna University for 4 years now, after my graphic design degree and we are always talking about branding. What is branding?

The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:

  • Reflect the character of the brand

  • Describe the brand’s offering

  • Create an association with the brand’s promise

  • Be easy and pleasant to say

  • Be unique and memorable

So how does one brand a business that delivers a message of cute and whimsical clay ornaments and cake toppers?

I think I've been fighting with myself about what my "brand" should be, so I gave in today and worked on new business cards, banners, signs, etc.

My clay is cute, my graphics are cute, and my artwork is I need to accept it and move on.

How did I come up with this new branding.

  1. I looked for a clay baby that really portrays my style. This monkey says it all!
  2. I picked three colors that I reproduce the most in my designs.
  3. I chose a font that is whimsical and one that I could fill with color.
  4. I chose some graphic elements which make me think of celebrating!
  5. I kept the name Debbie's Clay Babies because it has followed me for years and it is in loving memory of my grandmother, who used to say, "are you making your clay babies again?"

I think the new look sums up my business. It's fun, cute, whimsical, adorable, loving, and pulls at the heartstrings of my customers. The fact that they are my "babies" offers the idea that I care about them (which I do) and they are a part of me, (which they are).

I'm very excited to do my next show, where I can wear my tee shirt and buttons, drink coffee out of my mug and walk in carrying my tote bag. I also made the above banners to string along the front of the table and maybe along the back. I printed about 10 and will laminate them and tie pink, teal and blue ribbons between each banner. I also made signage. I have a light blue table covering and might get a pale pink too..Once I do a show, I'll take pictures. I wonder if it will make a difference to be branded? I sure hope so. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think this is wonderful. I know that craft shows I attend as a customer on an annual basis, there are certain crafters I look for again and again. I know branding makes an impression and agree it helps your repeat sales totals.

Ava Venson said...

You're actually good, Deb! Good thing you apply the things you are learning from your course. How's the business going? You probably have made some profit out of this cute design by now! Do you have plans on changing it?

Layla Stabile said...

In short, the meaning of branding is what you want your consumers to perceive about your product. It’s the whole package. You just can’t conceptualize a gothic-themed design if you’re catering a product for babies. You should not confuse the market. And also, you should be consistent with your image.

Layla @Sacramento Marketing Labs

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