Monday, September 29, 2008

Antiqued Clay and Michael's Sale

To give my clay creations a primitive or folk art look, I like to antique finished pieces.

I use Studio by Sculpey Antiquing medium, Chocolate brown, some old soft rags and a dry brush.

(I used to mix brown acrylic paint with hand lotion and it worked just as well...I just happened to receive the Studio by Sculpey medium, so I'm using it now. In a pinch though, remember the paint and hand lotion idea)..

Here's how to antique your clay.

Cover your clay piece with the antique medium. I cover mine completely.

Get the brown into every crevice.

After the piece is completely covered, begin to wipe it off as quickly as possible. If the phone rings, ignore it, as you don't want this medium to dry. The point is to wipe it on, wipe it off.

I use soft paper towels or old white tee shirts.

Doesn't the
antiqued girl look
better than the plain girl?

I added a little quilt, eyes and a button and she's finished!

99 cent Sale at Michael's

Michael's has sculpey III on sale this week till Saturday. That's a great price!

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