Thursday, September 11, 2008

Halloween Clay Babies

As I promised, here are some of the halloween things I've been working on
I'm doing 5 shows this fall and that is just the motivation I needed to get cracking on making lots and lots of clay. The main motivation is paying my bills and keeping myself from being homeless.

This is a pin I made from scanning a vintage postcard and attaching it to clay. I've made several and when they are finished, I'll post pictures. I added some beads to some. I did these about 5 years ago, sold a few and stopped. Now I see that they might be kind of popular. I love vintage, so the process of finding images, and designing the pins is fun. For years I've been collecting kids books from the 50 and 60s and thought those images would look great on pins too.
Witch on three pumpkins...$10.00

Scarecrow with a crow and pumpkin...$8.00

I'm not doing too well on ebay right now. I only keep a few things on there just so people can see me, but for some reason, my stuff isn't selling like it used to. It's not keeping me up at night, but it is causing me to take a look at my creations. I wonder, what are people looking for?

I would love to hear suggestions on how I might do better on ebay. I've tried to keep my prices competitive. I've used a lot of key words in my listing. I'm even offering free shipping. Free!! (of course, I've raised my price, but since my clay is moderately priced to begin with, it's still not expensive)..
At this point, it's costing me more than what I'm making. That is not good business.I know the economy isn't doing too well right now, but I can see my competition selling, so that excuse doesn't work for me. Here's my link to my ebay if anyone would like to offer up some advice..

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