Friday, September 19, 2008

Say goodbye to summer

Everyday, while I'm working on my creations, I listen to either motivational tapes or ambient music. It is so relaxing and non-distracting. Yesterday, I was making clay witches, there was a beautiful breeze blowing into my work room, the neighborhood was quiet, my cat was sleeping contently in her bed and all seemed "right with the world".

The music coming from my CD player was "Carribean Blue" by Enya. I imagined and remembered the great summer I had this year.

My sister and I and her son explored the woods near Wilderness State Park, where white pines stand tall and straight, row upon row.

We visited Whitefish Bay where the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald is kept.

We wandered around the paths atTahquamenon Falls, and bought souvenirs at the gift shop. Mmmm, that fudge!

I swam with my sister at Sturgeon Bay, a beautiful beach in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods, dunes and wildflowers.

We also spent the day at Wilderness State Park day beach, another beach hidden from the masses.

My boyfriend and I spent a few warm days at Holland State Park Beach, a crowded but beautiful beach, with clean white sand and sparkling water.

We also spent a few days at Silver Lake in Pinckney, a small inland lake with grassy hills to picnic on.

My friend Mary Ann and I went to Port Austin and played on the Lake Huron beach all day.

We would have stayed for a sunset if there would have been one, but an approaching storm chased us away.

The next day we went to Port Huron and collected petosky stones and sea glass in between swimming and sunning.

In August, my sister and I and her son went to St. Joseph. Our trip was cut short because my nephew got sick, but we packed a lot of fun into two days.

Wild waves hit the shore at St. Joseph.

A few more trips to Silver Lake with family and friends rounded out and ended my beach fun.

The evenings are getting a little cooler and I know that winter is whispering, "I'll be here soon." It's time to start thinking about weatherizing, packing away the capri pants and flip flops, and that inevitable day when I have to turn on the heat.

But it's the hope inside me, that I'll be back playing on the beach, that gets me through the winter. When I am alone on a sandy dune, I focus intently on the sounds around me. I hear the waves as they splash up against the shore, I listen to the beach grass as it sways in the wind. I smell the fresh scent of the pine trees, feel the breeze against my face. I follow the flight of a seagull as it flies across the sky and I watch it as it bobs on the waves.

Later on, on those cold, dull gray winter days, I reach for those memories and they are easy to find. A few thoughts, a glance through a travel guide, a possible plan for the next summer, and I'm content.

My witches are waiting quietly to be painted, so it's back to work. Embrace the day!

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