Friday, April 24, 2009

Book Mark Tutorial

Here's another quick tutorial using similar supplies as the votive candle.

1 block of Sculpey Studio
Metallic powders of your choice (I use PearlEx)
Rubber stamps

Fuzzy Yarn

I slice the Studio Clay down the middle to make it easier to roll through my pasta machine.
This is how I condition it. I roll it through several times.

The picture above shows how it looks after one roll through the pasta machine.

This picture shows how it looks after 12 times through the pasta machine. It's ready to work with now.

I use a rubber stamp of birds to make my impressions. Wet the stamp with water first.

I then slice the clay to make neat, crisp edges.

Using a brush, I then "paint" metallic powders all over my designs.

See how pretty it looks.

I poke a hole at the top and then bake at 265 degrees for 30 minutes.

I finish it up with some fuzzy yarn that I attach to the hole. Tie a few knots and it's ready to save your place in a book.

These make really nice gifts. They look especially beautiful if they are made with black clay and then "painted" with the metallic powders. Make several and place in a pretty dish at your next craft show. They are so elegant that you can charge $4 or $5. Add beads and wire to add to the embellishment.


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it's fantastic!!thanks a lot for this tutorial!see you soon..bye ^^

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