Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fascinating Flickr Finds

I'm sure you've no doubt visited Flickr, an online photo management site. I love looking at the pictures that people so generously submit. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite contributors.

Weefae has delightful art. She makes fairies and altered art, nesting boxes, and fairy doors. Her Christmas Characters are wonderful. Make sure you check them out. I found her blog which is lovely too.

Clay Babies reminds me of my work. She inspires me to add a little extra something to my pieces. She's very proficient too and that motivates me to work harder. Cathy's Clay is another polymer clay artist who makes similar pieces, once again, inspiring me to add the extra details on each and every piece. I love her display and sure wish I could do outdoor shows with such a cute looking shed. Both of these ladies work hard on their clay. I need some of their zip!

Here's an artist who uses bright colorful canes in her work. Her wall Dancers
are unique one of a kind art dolls that I'm sure you will enjoy looking at.

Mealy Monsters has quite an imagination! I love her crazy, weird little creatures that are truly one of a kind.

Finally, if you like miniatures you have to take a look at PetitPlat's tiny realistic food made from polymer clay. This 23 year old is amazingly talented. She too has a blog that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

I love looking at other people's work. Sometimes I get lost clicking from one link to the next and this can sometimes be my demise. More than not though, it is inspiring to see what other artists are doing. I need to limit my viewing to 20 minutes a day though cause the more I look, the less I create.

Hope you enjoy the links!

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