Monday, March 23, 2009

Bunny Pin Giveaway

I had 118 hits on my blog yesterday and no new followers. Obviously, I'm trying to build my readership and have fun at the same time, but I wonder why no one added themselves yesterday.

Let me say, the bunny is MUCH cuter in person. The pictures never give the clay justice. This bunny would look good on a jacket or blouse and will draw lots of comments. (Hopefully, compliments!)

So, to repeat the "rules". If you would like to win this little bunny, just become a follower and on Friday I will announce the winner. I usually have people comment, but in this contest, I wanted to do something different.
Artist Spotlight

If you are creative and would like to be featured on my blog, please contact me. Tonight or tomorrow, I'll be featuring a good friend of mine, Mary Ann. She is an amazingly creative person, her world revolves around art. So, if you would be interested in having me dedicate a blog post to you and your work, don't be shy. Contact me at

Once a week, I'll be featuring an interesting artist. I know two or three personally but then I'm going to have to go out and "interview" those I don't know. Since I'm in school and in a few art classes, it shouldn't be too hard to find a few willing creative people to feature. It is motivating to me to see how other artists work and where they create. So if you paint, sculpt, sew, draw, drizzle or dabble, contact me (and dont' forget to follow me!)


TheClayMuse said...

What a shame no new followers! I love your blog.. I think I'll have to try to drive some of my few (23) followers over here! The bunny is oh so cute! and I'm totaly going to try to make one!!!
(though if I win that cutie I'll be ecstatic! sorry I haven't commented recently I've been ill)
I would love to be a featured artist if you are in need!

Marianne said...

I added your blog to my reader. I don't know if this is the same as following or not. I will be following your blog as it keeps older blogs and when you put in a new one it lets me know. I really enjoyed your bunny pin blog and looking forward to reading the new and some of the old blogs. I will be making the bunny ASAP. Thank you for the tutorial.

garritygal said...

Thanks Marianne, I included you in the contest. Sorry to say you didn't win, but keep trying in the future because I will be having more giveaways.

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