Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday I featured a picture of a topper that I mailed last week to a customer who is getting married on Saturday.

Today I received an email from her stating that she still hadn't received her topper. She asked me if I had sent it to the correct address, then gave me her address. I had to double check in paypal where I had shipped it and, sure enough,it was a different address.

I contacted the customer and she explained that she had lived there 4 years before. I guess she never changed her paypal address.

She was upset, but not with me. I felt horrible, as she was so easy to deal with.

I thought about it for a few minutes, then, dropped everything I was doing, went into my clay room and started another topper. Since it was a fairly easy order, a sock monkey and a panda bear bride and groom, it didn't take me long to make it. I baked it, glued it onto a mirror base, and took it to work with me. At the end of my day, I wrapped it and taped up the box. It was in the post office by 6:2o. I sent it to her priority mail and hopefully, she will get it by Saturday.

Here's the replacement.

I did it quickly, and am not happy with the panda bear's face. She needed black around the eyes. I'm going to send my customer a note telling her that she can outline the eyes with a black sharpie. Other than that, it turned out fine.

If my customer would have waited another hour before contacting me, I doubt if I would have had time to make another. I just didn't want her to be disappointed. I just hope she gets it in time.

I learned a valuable lesson here. From now on I will double check addresses when people pay with paypal. I don't want to send my orders to anymore strangers.

Somewhere, in New York City, someone has a sock monkey and panda bear cake topper. I hope they enjoy it!

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