Monday, March 2, 2009

But Honestly Officer!

Today, while driving, I went through a yellow light. I admit that I would have had time to stop, but I continued through it. Thirty seconds later, a police car was following me. Where it came from I don't know. It pulled up next to me, slowed down, pulled behind me and put on the flashers.

I pulled into an alley (turned on the blinkers at the last minute) and turned off my car. I took off my seat belt, pulled out my license and rolled down the window.

The officer took his time getting out of his car and as he approached my car, he stood back, away from the door. I looked up at him as he asked if I knew why he stopped me.

"I guess I went through the yellow light," I replied.

"No, that's not it," he said, "you didn't have your seat belt on."

"Oh, yes, I did." I informed him.

"No, You didn't." He replied back.

"Officer, I did. I always wear it." I tried to convince him.

"No, you put it on when you saw me, "he said firmly.

"But, honestly officer, " I almost cried, "I'm a nut about wearing my seat belt!"

He then asked me what my driver's record was and I told him it was perfect.

I handed over my registration, insurance and license and he went back to his car. He sat for about 6 seconds and returned, handing me my information.

"Watch out for the lights," he said.

I started to swear that I had on the seat belt, but he held up his hand to shut me up.

"I'm not going to argue with you, "he snipped, "I know you didn't have it on. You put it on when I stopped you."

I took a deep breath and bit my tongue, then thanked him for not giving me a ticket. Then as I watched him pull away I called him a few unflattering names. Luckily, I was left with a warning, but it was frustrating to me because I had my seat belt on. To be accused of something you haven't done is very unsettling. If I would have received a ticket, my emotions would have gotten the best of me. I'm thankful that at least he was "nice" enough to let me go.

What a way to start my week!

New Arrivals...
Here are some things I've been working on.

Reproduction Tins with gingerbreads.

My favorite, ginger with a cupcake

Ginger holding two bunnies


There are three days left in the contest. Don't forget to leave a comment. Rules are in the upper right hand corner of this blog if you haven't read them yet. Good luck!


dctm said...

I am not certain I could have held my tongue...but it was the right thing to do. He already had his mind made up that he was right and there was no changing it. BTW, I love your new arrivals

dctm at bellsouth dot net

TheClayMuse said...

Lovely new arrivals!
It must have been the weekend for pull overs because I got my first ticket in years and years on Saturday, driving my man's car, neither of us aware that the reg. had expired. My officer was "nice enough" to give me a $58 ticket instead of a $180 ticket... not that I'm not greatful for that break, but I think I would have rathered a warning!

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