Monday, March 30, 2009

Magazines to Inspire

If you are like me, you love to look at the works that other artists create. There are some great magazines available today and I thought I would share with you my favorites.

Somerset Studio is a great magazine full of artwork. If you enjoy Artists Trading Cards, assemblage, altered art, or mixed media, you have to take a peak at this magazine. There are theme based challenges, interviews with artists, tutorials, and spotlights. If I only had one of these magazines, I would get enough ideas to last me years, yet, when I see a new issue, I'm always tempted to buy it. If I look inside, I've committed myself to purchase it. I'm so glad the Joann's lets the customer use coupons on their books and magazines, because they can run from $8.99 to $15.99 . The image you see above is of the Somerset Studio Gallery addition. It showcases the amazing work of many talented artists (more than 400 projects in this addition.)

Art Doll Quarterly is another magazine I really enjoy looking at. I'm always so inspired when I browse the pages. Like Somerset Studios, this magazine has interviews, tutorials and hundreds of wonderful images. There are paper dolls, polymer clay, fabric, found objects, and altered dolls. Some are odd, some cute, and others are amazingly beautiful.

I recently found this magazine, called Cloth, paper, scissors. When I saw this cover, old paint tubes with sculpted faces, I had to have it. The whole magazine is filled with great projects, really emphasizing recycled items. beautifully designed collages, and a great article on journaling.
At the back of the magazine are several ads for art retreats which inspired my friend Mary Ann and I to start planning our own in the late summer. She has a rustic cottage in northern Michigan, a perfect place to immerse ourselves in art.

Finally, my favorite magazine is called Where Women Create. The work spaces that are featured in this magazine are wonderful. The women spot lighted in this magazine are artists, designers, and writers. Just when I think I've seen the most amazing studio, a few pages later I'm in awe again. If you are trying to plan a perfect work space for your craft, Where Women Create will surely inspire!
What I love about these magazines is that the only advertising you see is for art supplies and it's usually near the back pages. The quality of the magazines are superb too. There are pages and pages of free tutorials, descriptions of techniques, and free paper samples. Once you start collecting them, you'll never tire of looking through them, so even though the cost is a little more expensive than Cosmo or Woman's Day, it's well worth the investment.

Colored Pencils

Enjoyed the morning light a few days ago and took some pictures of colored pencils. If you like the pics, feel free to right click and save. You never know when you'll need a graphic of colored pencils.

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TheClayMuse said...

I'll have to check out the Where Women Create.. My spare room will be my craft room.. right now it's where everything that's not unpacke dis!
Thanks for the heads up... Loooove the colored pencils pic.. spring pastels!

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