Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cupcake toppers and fairy doors

I've had an idea to make cupcake toppers for awhile and made a few today.

This mirror is a little bigger than a silver dollar.

These are glued to mini mirrors so that they are easy to place on
the cupcake and the bottoms can be cleaned off easily.

The mirrors on these are about the size of a quarter.

Cats and Clay

I give my cat free reign of my house, but she is not allowed in my clay room. I keep a spray bottle of water handy to scare her out of the room and I always keep the door shut when I'm not home, but today she leaped onto my table and dashed to the window, smashing this bear and getting her dang fur on it. She really ticked me off since the bear was only about an hour old and I'm going to have to redo it. I'll have to pick away at the hair cause it's stuck to the clay.

I seriously can't stand cat hair on my clay table. I don't know why my cat thinks that suddenly she's allowed in the room. (I think cats can't be trained!)

Fairy Door

I've shown you my fairy doors before, but here is one that I've used in my yard.

It looks a little bare around the doorway, so I'm trying to find little plants and flowers to place along the "walkway". Like anything in the garden, it's a work in progress. It's relaxing to build a little mini world and I have lots of ideas for this. I'm going to add a little fence, some polymer clay stepping stones and maybe some polymer clay flowers.

In a few days I'll be announcing my Christmas in July giveaway, so check back!


TheClayMuse said...

dang cats! your fairy door looks great out in the yard. Did you seal the clay? If so with what? I have a few fairy doors hanging around unfinished (for like 6 months now!) One day I'll finish them!

garritygal said...

No, I didn't seal it unless I put some future floor wax on it. I expect that it should last a few years,,maybe longer if I'm ambitious and bring it in before cold weather. I'm going up north soon and am going to make a fairy house in the woods with my granddaughters. I'm going to make a simple door though, cause it will probably get stolen.

twizzy said...

fantstic..simply great!!

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