Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ebay listings

I've been pretty busy today working on listing clay on ebay. I really wanted to go to the beach, but I'm going to wait till Wednesday when it's going to be 88 degrees and not so many people.

In the meantime here are some things I listed today. I have a pretty low price on everything, kind of a Summer discount.Here's a link to my ebay page. Nothing you see here is over $4.00. (except for one auction that has two bears and is $6.00). Lots of great deals folks! Shipping is very reasonable too.


I also put together a light box to take pictures in. It looked easier to do than it was, but it's finished now. The whole idea is to take better pictures. I have a ways to go in that department.

Here's a link to the directions to build your own light box. These are the instructions I used, although my box doesn't look that great (I'm going to make another one soon.) I want my pictures to turn out as nicely as the examples shown in the tutorial. Good luck if you try this.

Happy Dad's day!

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