Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happily creating

With my craft show only a few days away, I've been working diligently on things to give my display a polished look.

I'm not a big fan of Walmarts, but they carry fabric for $1.50 a yard, and I needed table coverings. I found a nice shade of pink and another of green and got 5 yards of each, enough for three tables. I won't need three tables but in the fall I will, so I planned ahead. That same fabric may not be there in 4 months, so I purchased it now.

Since I'm representing my two etsy shops, I decided to go with the pink and green (for Pink Avocado). I made business cards with both of my etsy names on them, and I made button cards and heart cards. I think attaching the buttons and the hearts to a card gives them the finishing touch.

I'm so glad this show is on Sunday. I have an extra 24 hours to prepare. Although it appears that I've waited for the last minute, I haven't. If any of you do shows, you know that if you make 100 things in advance, you think to yourself that you need 101. Then you need 102, etc. etc.

I'm no different. I've thought of 1001 other things I should have made. But, I'm not going to worry about it. I have a nice variety of stock right now. It should be enough and if not, people can always special order something.

Heart card with a heart waiting to be attached.

These buttons need holes. I don't know if I'll get to them or not.

Here's a monkey made in white, with a caning design on the clay. It's kind of pretty.

I need to attach a lot of buttons to these cards. I hope there are a few scary movies on tomorrow night. I can sew buttons to cards & get frightened at the same time!

I've had so much fun making these hearts and buttons that I feel creatively revitalized. I'm so glad! It was getting rough in the creative department. I think I've passed that hump now and my muse has returned.

I've got my fingers crossed that all of my work will pay off.

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