Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo Challenge day 7

I love taking pictures.  When I go on vacation, I can easily take 700 pictures.  Then months later I look at each picture and savor those memories, relive  the sunsets and sandy beaches and quiet woods.  The invention of digital cameras and the ability to save pictures on a flash drive came along at the best time of my life.  It would have been nicer if it was around when my kids were born cause buying film and getting it developed was usually not in the budget, so a lot of picture moments were lost.  

So I'm grateful that I can fill my flash drives up with thousands of pictures and capture as many memories as I can.

That's why I did this photo challenge.  Cause I love taking pictures.  So if you live in my neighborhood and saw a car driving around taking pictures of the snow and sky the other night, that was just me.  

The photo challenge word of the day is branches. 

I love the way the snowflakes look like planets in the sky.

This photo makes me want to make a cup of hot chocolate and sit by a winter campfire.

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