Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day of Art

Along with making some clay toppers today, I had a creative episode all afternoon. I recently purchased 64 canvases from Dick Blick and have been anxious to start painting.

Here are a few things I finished today. They are simple and fun, something for a child's room, bathroom, or studio.

I also joined a very inspirational group on flickr called The Altered Art Appreciation Society.

Check it out if you like Artists Trading Cards, Altered art, collage, shrines, etc.

Here are some things I did today.

This little angel is inside a shadow box that can be opened..(above picture)..I really enjoyed making this. I got the box at the dollar store.

This is a paper mache book. When you open it, there is an angel inside.

Here is a little painting I did. I think it's 3" by 3". It's a cute, happy picture.

This heart picture is 3 by 5. I love hearts, and the colors pink and green. ( I bet you guessed that already!)

Here's one final picture. It's the beginning of a collage. So far, I've applied paint, tissue and paper. Don't know where it's going yet. But the process is fun.

Spent the day creating art and listening to The Cure, Tears for Fears, The Smiths, and other 80's bands. Now I'm off to meet my boyfriend for dinner at a Sushi Restaurant (I'll be ordering Chicken!) It's been a perfect day!


claycath said...

Love that little angel in the shadow box! So precious! I'm going to see if my Dollar Store has any of those boxes. Were they with the picture frames?

garritygal said...

I found them at Dollar Tree in the "craft" department. I'll keep looking for more, and if I find a bunch, and you need some, we can work something out..

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Wow you've been a busy girl. And with 64 canvases you will be even more busy! Your Angels are very sweet. Looks like you are having a lot of fun!

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