Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting Serious

One of my resolutions this year (and all previous years) was to get into better shape. It's part of the reinventing that I'm trying.

My goal was to do chair exercises since my knee keeps me from doing much walking and NO bike riding. Well, as good as my intentions were, I have not committed myself to bettering my health. Weeks go by, the scale stays the same, or fluctuates a few pounds one way or the other. I told myself I would join Weight Watchers or go back to tops, but here it is Feb.10 and I haven't done much.

That is until today. Today I made a huge commitment and joined Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

I didn't do it because I think they have the magic that I need. I know that there is no pill that will motivate me or melt away the pounds. I think it's because I took a good look at myself and knew that unless I did something drastic, another year would come and go and I would still be the same weight. Each year brings me closer to worsening health and possibly a shorter stay here on earth. Last year at this time I didn't need blood pressure medication. Now I do. Two years ago I could walk up 140 steps 10 times and feel great! Now a flight of stairs winds me so badly I can't talk. I'm not a diabetic yet, but that looms around the corner.

So I went to Medical Weight Loss. I listened to their scripted sales pitch and I signed on the dotted line. I signed up for 9 months of weight loss and if I do well, I'll sign up again for another 9 months. I need the accountability that I will get, knowing that the scale is waiting for me. I need the support that they say they offer. I need the motivation I'll get from looking at the before and after pictures that grace the hallways. I'll gladly be their poster child in 9 months if I'm successful. I see myself doing that.

Even though this blog is about art, clay and creativity, I'm going to keep you posted on my journey. I believe that if I can lose enough weight, it will re-ignite the fire I used to have glowing inside of me. It will give me greater self confidence which will open many doors for me. Doors that I'm afraid to knock on. It's hard to sell my self and my craft/art when I feel inferior, ugly, and dumpy. I envision a slimmer me, dressed in nice clothes, wearing stylish shoes, sporting a new hair cut selling myself and my product at trade shows, craft shows and gift shops.

There are a lot of cute skirts and dresses waiting at the back of my closet and I can't wait to start wearing them again. My eyes are on the prize; good health, longer life and some of that sassy spirit I used to have. Wish me luck!


Aloquin said...

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Go for it! You've got my support. :)

garritygal said...

Thanks Jennifer, I feel like you are a friend! I'm so thrilled that you follow my blog. Thanks again.

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