Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fairy Doors

A few years ago, I read an article about people making little fairy houses in the woods, and leaving them for others to enjoy.

I loved this idea because ever since I was a child, I loved making things in miniature and in nature. For instance, I would make the Flintstones house and all it's furniture using play dough.

When my dad cut down our cherry tree in the front yard, he showed my sister and I how to build little houses with the twigs. I don't think my sister was that interested, but I spent days making little villages with the twigs, little stones and tiny flowers.

Once, while camping with my family and friends, I introduced my children and their friends to the wonderful world of miniatures. I chose a cool, shaded area with sandy soil and moss, and we made several little houses. The houses had pebbled walkways, split rail fences and moss covered roofs. When we weren't down at the beach, we were adding final touches to the creations.

A few years ago, I was picnicking with some friends and saw a tree with a knot right at the base. I thought to myself, "that looks like a doorway leading into the tree". So, I decided to make a little pathway lined with pebbles and flowers, bushes made from moss and a little wooden fence. It all led towards the tree with the knot. I made a little sign that said, " a little fairy lives here, please don't disturb." I propped it near the front of the little fairy yard and we went home.

A few months later we returned, and just as I thought, there was no sign of the fairy "house"..It would have been too wonderful if everyone would have left it alone. I think that if I ever make another one, it will be in a more remote place, like the woods up in Wilderness State Park.

Why all of this talk about fairy houses? Well, I've been making fairy doors, which seems like the natural progression of my love of little things and nature. These doors can be placed at the bottom of a tree in a garden. They spark the imagination of young and old. It's only February, but I can't wait to set up a little fairy land in my garden. I did not originate this idea, just adding my own creative touch to it.

It's never too early to start thinking about spring!

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