Sunday, May 24, 2009

Early Morning Art

I had a pleasant morning sitting out in my garden painting today. I'm going to two cook outs today and wanted to take something as a little gift.

I have several 4" by 4" canvases so I thought it would be nice to sit outside and paint them (they dry faster that way too).

4 x 4 is a sweet little size to work on and everyone can usually find a little spot to hang it. Or it can be placed on an easel. While I painted I could hear squirrels scampering around in the trees.
Something small was splashing down in the river and of course, the song birds were serenading me. Other than a few specks of fuzz that floated through the air landing on my wet paint, and a sneaky snake that was watching me from afar, it was rather pleasant.

Can you see the snakes tail? He was hiding in my oregano plant. I can't go outside without seeing a snake.

Here's the completed canvases. I chose these colors because those are the schemes of the two houses where I am going. (These look so much nicer in person,,but the picture gives you an idea.)

Painting outdoors can be fun if the project is small, the weather is pleasant and there isn't a lot of wind. It's even more fun if there are no snakes!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

the paintings are lovely. i'm sure your hosts will be elated.

snakes will just keep me tightly bound in the house though... aahhhhhhh!

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