Sunday, May 17, 2009

Polymer Clay Buttons

I've been on a button making kick lately. In between making toppers and working on fall inventory, I started making buttons. I'm using premo clay and studio clay and they seem very durable. I made buttons last fall and sold some at shows. I sewed a button onto one of my jackets and it has been washed over and over again. They appear to be very durable. I admit I hang the jacket to dry. But, in a low heat dryer, the buttons are fine.

Buttons can be used on fabric, head bands, scarves, quilts and wall hangings, or as embellishments for scrap booking pages.

I mixed spices into transparent clay and it kind of looks like oatmeal.

This button reminds me of tiles from the 60s

I love the combination of pink and black. Have to try scanning these buttons though, as I don't like the glare.

These buttons would look cute on a retro outfit or purse.

I set up another etsy account and am going to sell charms, buttons and embellishments there. I actually set it up in Sept. but put it on "vacation" for awhile. I'm going to see if people like the buttons and if so, I'll make more.

Buttons are fun to make, don't use a lot of clay, and easy to ship.

Plus, hand made buttons look so much more unique on an outfit.

Here's a link to my etsy store, The Pink Avocado, where I'm selling these handmade buttons at a reasonable cost with reasonable shipping.

Don't forget to leave comments if you'd like to get into the drawing to win a free cake topper.

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