Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Joy of a pleasant Sunday afternoon

It was too nice here in Michigan today for me to spend the day in the house working on clay so I took a little break from it (back to claying when the sun goes down). After doing a few errands and chores, I spent most of the afternoon in my yard. I cut the grass, replanted perennials, and in general, tidied the yard. I had my camera ready,just in case my friend the snake came along, but I don't think it was warm enough for her today. So, instead, I took pictures of more pleasant subjects.

The first of my daisies is blooming.

My neighbor has a jungle behind his house. These are wild raspberries.
I'm going to suggest that he can use my weed wacker to cut down the brush,
but I want him to wait till the raspberries are ripe!

Wild Queen Anne's Lace is too pretty to get rid of.

This old tire and old watering can are going to house annuals soon.
I'm still deciding what I want to plant in them.

Wild Phlox kind of creeped up on my bike.

Chicken strips marinated in olive oil, hot sauce, and blackened spices cook on my grill. The peppers are sweet mini peppers. Two egg plants grill to make baba ghanoush. (A third eggplant was cooked earlier, made into baba and was waiting in the fridge!) Here's a recipe...

I planted some grape tomatoes. I have bad luck with produce in my yard, but I'm going to try again this year. I think the soil needs some nourishment.

My sage has flowered. It smells so good.

I like the way the sun light & shadows look.

Sometimes I'm happiest when I'm in my yard. I find a lot of pleasure digging in the soil, whether it's with a shovel or my hands. I have memories of my grandmother teaching me the ways of gardening. I think of my parent's garden and how proud my dad would be with his crops of peppers, zucchini and strawberries. As I worked in the yard, a husband and wife passed by and mentioned how beautiful the yard was coming along.
"You'll have to teach me how to plant flowers," the wife said.
"Anytime." I replied.

I'm sure my grandmother would have been proud.

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