Sunday, May 3, 2009

Raggedy Ann Garden Marker

If you love primitive or country decorating then you might enjoy this tutorial.

I was busy making Raggedy Anns today and thought one would look cute as garden marker. You may not find this exact type of marker, but I'm sure something similar will be available at your local craft shops.

Supplies needed

Sculpey or premo clay (red, white and blue)
Liquid sculpey
Flower cookie cutter

Apply liquid sculpey to the metal garden marker

Roll out a piece of white clay and cut it to size. Place it on the liquid clay and press gently.

Cut out a few flowers and place on top of the white clay.

Add a white ball of clay and press down to form a head.

Add little red (I used rust) clay tear drops around the head to form hair.

Add a triangle nose and two or three little hearts.

Bake at 265 for 20 minutes.

Let cool and place in the garden or inside in a plant.

If you get hard winters bring it in for safe keeping.

Here's a little fairy I made three summers ago. I left her out in the garden during the winter and she looks pretty beat up. I won't be so lazy this year.

Speaking of the garden, I worked out in my yard today.

Garden beds are ready for flowers...

I made a wreath for the birds. They can fly up, grab a strand of straw and build a comfy bird's nest. I think the birds have been using it, because it's starting to look terrible.

My backyard butts up to woods and a park. It's the perfect size yard for me to take care of, yet it feels huge because of the woods.

Even though these are wild violets, they sure are pretty.

Tomorrow I'll be having a tutorial on different Raggedy Ann so make sure you visit again.

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