Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Polymer Clay Hearts

Bowl of hearts waiting to be finished...

I've been enjoying making polymer clay hearts these last few days. It's like an addiction. I am getting ready to do a craft show on June 7 at Kerrytown in Ann Arbor and wanted to offer some items that are different than what I normally do. I tried a making some polymer clay canes this weekend and that was fun too. I need a lot of work there, but I can see the potential. There are a lot of lessons out there on the web, so I started printing some out. I did a rose cane and it doesn't look like a rose, but it's interesting. I'll try again until I get it right.

I used the rose can on this heart and the incense burner below. It is not quite right, but I'll get there.
I made several blue and gold hearts (U of M is in Ann Arbor)..These look nicer in person. Also, I need to sand and buff them and add a jewelry hoop to all of them. So I still have a big job ahead.

Once I'm finished, I'll post those pictures.

Any criticism will be appreciated, and remember, even though I've been doing clay forever, I haven't done canes before and I'm still working on the shape of the hearts. I want to make fatter hearts but haven't gotten the right look yet. Practice, practice, practice...

1 comment:

TheClayMuse said...

very cool, a tip for hearts... make a fat teardrop then slice it in half lengthwise, lay them side by side and push together.

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