Friday, May 29, 2009

The organizing never ends!

It's 2:22 a.m Saturday and I've been cleaning my clay room since 9:00 p.m. I started this project a few weeks ago. To be truthful it's never been completely organized. I might get 1/2 of it done but there are always boxes to be organized, shelves to clean and stuff to throw away. I can never get to the end of it.

One reason is that I need to go to work at my real job and when I'm home I'd rather create than sort through a box of 469 bits and pieces.

But I always have a sense of discontent knowing that the clay room isn't quite my dream work room.

This morning, as I sat in my living room, I decided that my computer and desk were going to go back into my clay room. I tried to make a nice "study" area in the living room, but it's just too small for the computer, scanner, printer and the other assorted baskets of Cd's, pens, papers, desk organizer, and phone.

In order to get the computer back into the clay room, I had to clean off a table that was stacked high with small boxes of clay and supplies. I also had to take a hutch top down from the table. I removed the hutch top last week. In the process of trying to maneuver it by myself from the table to the floor, I felt a sharp pain in my inner thigh and realized that a sharp nail was exposed and I cut myself. Fun.

The hutch has been sitting in the living room for the past week waiting to be drilled into place on the kitchen wall. In the meantime, this morning, I started to unplug the computer. Before I went to work I had an octopus like mass of cords and wires sprawled all over the floor. The computer and all of it's parts were in the clay room, but I had to go to work. I thought about all of those cords and wires while at work, and when I got home at 8:15 I started right in on assembling the computer.

My clay room is so small that I didn't have a lot of room to work on it and I was getting increasingly frustrated as I fumbled around on the floor, trying to plug everything into place. But it's all done now, and I'm not moving this computer again until I move, whenever that might be.

My living room looks a lot bigger now. I have some boxes in that room that need to be organized and there are 11 storage boxes in my clay room. They are stacked up against a wall waiting to be emptied. I emptied three other boxes tonight, including six small boxes and now have about 6 bags of trash to dispose of. I'm so bad for the environment. I gave away two boxes of stuff also.

My goal is to attack one box a day for the next two weeks. I do have a show next Sunday, so I may wait till after the show if the attacking takes too long. I have inventory to create. But, I'll try to whittle away at boxes.

I'm happy with my decision to get the computer back into the clay room. I can listen to my music or watch a movie on it while I make clay. All I have to do is turn my head slightly to the left, and there's the monitor. Sounds silly, but I get so much more done if there is something on in the background.

In all of the rearranging and moving things around, I can't find the cord for the camera that plugs into the USB port. The hearts I've been making are coming along nicely and I'd like to show pictures. So, hopefully tomorrow I can find that cable and upload the pictures.

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It's 2:48 now. Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song" is playing on my computer and it's making me feel a little melancholy, so I'm going to bed.

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